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Rose Bushes
including Climbing Roses, Floribunda Roses, Groundcover Roses, Hedge Roses, Hybrid Tea Roses, Miniature Roses, Shrub Roses, Sub-Zero Roses, and Tree Roses,
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Pick good quality bushes to plant, use proper care in fertilizing, and in keeping your plants insect and disease-free, and provide proper watering, and you will enjoy the beauty of your rose garden for many, many years. Gardening Tip Your Rose Garden, an Overview: Roses can be planted from early spring into early fall. Bare-root plants, however, should be planted as soon as possible after purchase, before new shoots begin to develop, and no later than in mid-spring. Spacing is important, as plants placed too close together will be tall and spindly and produce less blooms and smaller blooms than when given proper space.... read more
See also hundreds of authoritative references in our Gardening Books Section.

On this page, see the Almost Black Rose, Angel Face Rose, Arctic Flame Rose, Blue Girl Rose, Blue Moon Rose, Caribia Rose, Charlotte Brownell Rose, Climbing Angel Face Rose, Climbing Bargain Rose, Climbing Blaze Rose, Climbing Blue Moon Rose, Climbing Golden Showers Rose, Climbing Joseph's Coat Rose, Climbing Orange Velvet Rose, Climbing Peace Rose, Climbing Queen Elizabeth Rose, Climbing Show Garden Rose, and the Climbing Viking Queen Rose:

NEW Tips For Maintaining a Beautiful, Healthy Rose Garden

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Tips For Maintaining a Beautiful, Healthy Rose Garden
Your Rose Garden, an Overview

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