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EasyFlex No Dig Edging EasyFlex No Dig Edging

Easily create neat, tidy, borders with No Digging Required. with EasyFlex No Dig Edging. Features include:
  • Installs on the soil surface; no digging needed
  • Keeps mulch and gravel contained
  • Create a polished, 1-1/2" high border
  • Installs on the soil surface using the included spikes
  • Easy to bend into curves
  • Include 50’ of edging, along with 16 spikes and two connectors
  • Made in the USA

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EasyFlex No Dig Edging
Border Fence

You'll find dozens of uses for these border fences — as decorative garden edging, to support floppy flowers, to give vines a place to climb, to keep pets out of gardens. Made from dark green, PVC-coated, 1/16" wire that's easy to bend, easy to cut.
  • Easy-to-bend fencing defines borders
  • Use to support plants, keep pets out of beds
  • Extra Border Fence Panels, Border Fence Posts, and Border Gate and Gateposts are available separately
  • Choice of 3 heights to suit your garden
  • All heights are a 33' length of fence
  • If used as fencing, 26" and 36" heights will require Fence Stakes; both sizes of stakes are sold in sets of 3
33" Length 16" height - $44.95
33" Length 26" height - $64.95
33" Length 36" height - $84.95
39" Fence Stakes, Set of 3 - $14.95
59" Fence Stakes, Set of 3 - $19.95

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Coco Fiber Edging

Coco Fiber Edging Stops Weeds Better Than Bark Mulch. Made of coco fibers bonded with natural latex rubber. Used on their own (and properly pinned down at the edges with Earth Staples) they can be mowed over with no trimmer needed.
  • Lightweight and easy to work with
  • Permeable to water, air, plant nutrients
  • Lasts season after season
  • 12' L x 6" W
  • Made of woven coconut fibers and natural latex
Coco Fiber Edging, 6" x 12' - $19.95

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Pound-In Edging

This is the quickest, easiest system you'll find for defining an edge around your lawn or garden. Simply pound each interlocking piece into the ground with a Rubber Mallet – in most soils there's no need for cutting, trenching, or tearing up sod. To turn a corner, just bend the sections in the middle to make the angle you need. Create a well-defined edge in a few minutes. Gives a clean, finished look around lawn and garden beds. One set makes a 20' edge. Made of durable recycled polyethylene. 12" for loose or sandy soils, 8" for normal soils or deep weed protection, 4" for hard-packed soils or flush edging.

Pound In Edging, 4-inch high - $19.95, Buy Two or More, only $14.00 each
Pound In Edging, 8-inch high - $39.95, Buy Two or More, only $39.95 each
Pound In Edging, 12-inch high - $54.95, Buy Two or More, only $49.00 each

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Recycled Rubber Mulch Edge Border Recycled Rubber Mulch Edge Border

Even if you could lay bark mulch in perfect circles or borders, it would soon look ragged or need replenishing. These mulch mats always look crisp, because they can't be scattered.
  • Long-lasting, scatter-proof mulch edging always looks crisp and neat
  • Use around flowerbeds and walkways
  • Suppresses weeds better than bark mulch and lasts for years
  • Made of 1/2" thick recycled rubber
  • Lets water, air and nutrients reach the soil
  • Ideal for straight runs and gentle curves
  • 4-1/2" by 8' strips

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icon Stomp Edge

Drop and Stomp Your Way to Perfect Edging, with Stomp Edge! Features:
  • It may look like heavy stone or concrete, but Stomp Edge is lightweight and easy to handle
  • Resembles natural stone
  • No digging now or ever, Stomp Edge installs in seconds
  • Simply set them in place, step on them and the sharp beveled edge underneath cuts into grass, gravel, sand or soil
  • Unique shape allows for either straight lines or curves
  • Set of six, 12" L x 4" W x 4-1/2" H blocks creates a six-foot border

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Stomp Edge
EasyFlex Aluminum Edging EasyFlex Aluminum Edging

Install in ONCE and rustproof EasyFlex Aluminum Edging will last a Lifetime! Strong and flexible aluminum will not rust and carries a lifetime warranty. Features:
  • Strong and flexible, you can curve it around a tree
  • Prevents weeds from infiltrating beds, and keeps mulch and gravel contained
  • Includes three pieces that total 24' L x 4" H x 1/8" thick, plus three 10” steel stakes
  • Created from recycled aluminum
  • Made in USA

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EasyFlex Aluminum Edging
LandShark Pound In Edging LandShark Pound In Edging

Set off your tress, shrubs, bushes, flower beds and walkways easily and neatly with easy-to-use continuous coil LandShark Pound In Edging. Simply pound it into the ground with a rubber mallet and the sharp teeth bite into the soil. Features include:
  • Ideal for straight runs and curves
  • Continuous coil design minimizes connection points for faster installation
  • Made from recycled polyethylene
  • Each coil is 20' L x 4-1/2" H x 1/4" thick overall
  • Two stakes included
  • Made in USA

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LandShark Pound In Edging
icon Decorative Garden Edging - Flower

Decorative Garden Edging adds more "Flowers" to your garden. Features:
  • Estate-quality, matte black edging easily installs in minutes
  • Durable edging withstands weather and the elements for year-round garden flair
  • Set of three 14" wide sections create 42-1/2" of edging that is 13" H installed
Buy Two or More, only $33.50 each

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Decorative Garden Edging - Flower
icon Decorative Victorian Garden Edging

Add a hint of a stately Victorian Garden with Victorian Garden Edging. Features:
  • Estate-quality, matte black edging easily installs in minutes
  • Durable edging withstands weather and the elements for year-round Victorian Garden elegaance
  • Set of three 15-1/2" wide sections create 46-1/2" of edging that is 9-1/2" to 12" H installed
Buy Two or More, only $27.50 each

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Decorative Victorian Garden Edging
Easy Curve Edging Easy Curve Edging

Professional grade edging can be used for straight edges or easily bent for gentle curves. It retains gravel in paths, keeps mulch in place, and helps prevent grass from spreading into beds.
  • Easily installs in straight lines or bent into gentle curves
  • May be used to create decorative patterns of alternating mulch and stone
  • Heavy-duty, rustproof aluminum alloy with bronze finish
  • Five 4' sections interlock for a total of 20' of edging

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